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Why Luv Tempeh Is Special

Luv Tempeh is handcrafted in Durango, Colorado of organic ingredients.

Luv Tempeh is unpasteurized. This means that the mycelium is still living, even when frozen! It also means that it does not have the bitterness you might associate with mass-produced pasteurized tempeh. No boiling or steaming needed! 

Our tempeh is delicious prepared simply or it accepts your favorite marinade beautifully. 

Luv Tempeh Benefits

We take care in selecting our ingredients from organic beans, grains, and seeds to slave-free cacao. 

Soy Free

Most mass-produced tempeh contains soy. Ours does not! We're not against soy but love providing other options.

Whole Food Plant Based Protein

Our tempeh is made of whole beans, grains, and seeds. This makes it more nutrient dense than a product like tofu.

Gluten-Free Options

Most of our tempeh varieties contain no gluten ingredients. The only exception is any variety that contains oats. Our oats are organic but not certified gluten-free.

two pieces of moon bean chickpea tempeh on a cutting board.

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