Through the lens of a Microbiome Chef – building immune health in the gut with natures gifts

Immune health starts in the gut with our gut Microbiome. Our Microbiome communicates with our immune system, (and other systems in the body for that matter) to inform, educate and alert our bodies to when and where our immune system is needed to respond.

Our Microbiome needs diversity to have a healthy and flourishing jungle of biota. The best way to diversify our MicroBiota is to eat as much plant based diversity as you can.

Why plant based?

Plants are abundant with pre-biotic fiber, important food for our gut Biota. If we are eating a diversity of pre-biotic fiber we ensure a diverse food supply for a diverse community.

healthy microbiome = healthy immune system

Your immune system building homework is to buy 10 new whole plant foods next time you go to the grocery store. In fact I want you to buy 10 different whole plant foods every time you go to the grocery store. Work up to 40 different plant foods a week. Fruits, Vegetables, Whole grains, beans, legumes, no restrictions just abundance.

Why whole foods? 

Whole foods are closest to how we find them in nature and nature has amazing and time tested wisdom. Whole fresh plants come with enzymes, nutrients, fiber and water in natures perfect combos. we get more that enough of what we need by trusting in Mother Earth's abundance. 

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